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the Soulpreneur Mastermind

This 12 month coaching container is for anyone wanting to create a soul business or wanting to create consistent results and predictable growth.

In this Mastermind you will:

- learn practical client attraction and conversion strategies that work

- be held as you explore and realese the inner blindspots and limitations  that are keeping you stuck

- become a master at navigating the cycles of growth and contraction in your business

- learn to bring balance to the masculine and feminine energies within you and harness that balance to create

- learn powerful tools to help you get unstuck and back into clarity and flow

- belong and be supported of by a high-vibe group of like-minded Soulpreneurs 

Walking the path of a Soulpreneur takes courage, persistance, a commitment to deep transformational inner work and consistent action. It can be a lonely and often frustrating path, especially if you are walking it alone. Having the support of a community who have the same goals as you and who have a wealth of similar experiences can make all the difference.

This program is for you, if you:

  • You want to start or grow a Soul business and do it in a way that lets you have fun, work in an inspired flow, live your ideal lifestyle and earn well from it

  • You are not quite getting the consistency of income you desire and you want to become consciously competent at attracting and converting clients

  • You want to be inspired by a group of fellow Soulpreneurs who are already taking confident, bold steps in their businesses. Good energy rubs off. 

  • You want to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone, get inspired by fresh ideas and strategies and keep transforming yourself and your business

What do you get from this program?

  • 24 x 90 minutes mastermind group coaching sessions

  • 1 x Healy Aura Analysis & PDF report​

  • 1 x Healy Resonance Healing Frequencies Session & PDF Report

  • 1 Business Astrology Session & 12 month Astrology Report

  • 4 x Quarterly Community Q&A Calls

  • Unlimited laser coaching in the private Facebook group​​​

  • 12 Done for you templates and guides for you to work on between sessions​

  • Bonus Guest Teacher sessions on hot topics for Business or Inner Transformation

  • Guided Audios and Visualisations

  • Access to all new Courses and Masterclasses I release during the 12 months

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