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Find out what my current and past clients have to say about the results they achieved and their experiences working with me.


Stockbroker & Quantum Flow Coach,
United Kindom

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I was fortunate enough to meet Patrice on a retreat in Costa Rica and while coaching was not necessarily something I was looking for, inspired by our conversations, I decided to dive in and see where Patrice's program could take me.

Going back over my notes from the last 3 months has highlighted how much I have shifted and grown through her mentoring and what a wonderful journey it has been.

Patrice created a safe environment for me to explore, be open, trust, be vulnerable, be honest, challenge myself, act, and be accountable.

Providing structure, commitment, learning tools, visualisations, reframing thoughts, and self-talk, were some of the more practical tools – but for me the greatest gift was her intuitive understanding and recognition of me, her ability to mirror back and hold me accountable, to reflect, refine, and define where I wanted to be.

No hiding in the stories of my mind but talking to my soul, digging deep and lovingly, connecting to what made my heart sing – creating a road map and an actionable path to bring those desires into my reality.

A roller coaster of fun, focus, laughter, resistance, fears and tears, breakthroughs, understanding, feelings, truth, and possibilities, the potential of myself, celebrating and being acknowledged.

It’s hard to fully encapsulate all the benefits I have received, as this was my journey and personalised to my individual needs. However, I hope I have conveyed how much I deeply value being coached and mentored by Patrice, and I would sincerely encourage anyone to take that first exploratory step for themselves.

With all my love and huge gratitude

Thank you

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Serial Entrepreneur,

I really enjoyed being coached by Patrice in her 90 day programme. Her empathetic listening and deep understanding of the human mind and emotions as well as her powerful tools for transformation could not have come at a better time for me.


I was going through a challenging time both personally and professionally and was dealing with lots of heavy emotions that were clouding my path forward. 

Patrice helped me navigate through my challenges while harvesting the gold in all these experiences so that I could create a path forward taking the wisdom and not the heavy emotions. The highlight was certainly when she helped me connect to what felt like a spring of joy inside of me that really took me by surprise. This experience was precious and has given me so much hope. I have my mojo back, I’m excited again and I’m working on projects that I’ve dreamed about for years.


I couldn’t recommend Patrice more and I look forward to working with her again in the future to develop and fine-tune my creativity.


Operations Manager,

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I have been working with Patrice for over a year now and it’s been life changing. I was in a rut with my job, my health was not great, I had brain fog and low energy. I didn’t realise it at the time but I was taking care of everyone else but myself. 


With Patrice’s help I’ve gotten clarity on the direction I want to take with my career and my self-esteem and confidence have grown hugely. I put in place healthy habits around nutrition and movement that give me much more energy and the brain fog is gone. 


Most of all I have my inspiration back and I’m excited about life and my future again. Patrice helped me to prioritise the things that I enjoy and that give me a sense of fulfillment. I don’t go a single week now without taking time to enjoy activities that inspire me.


This year we’ve set a goal for me to find my dream job. After all the foundations we laid last year I am excited to achieve this goal and start a whole new chapter in my life. I highly recommend working with Patrice, she makes it fun and breaks everything into small steps. I would never have believed last year that I could feel this good.

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Director of Planning & Merchandising

At the time of considering working with Patrice, I wasn't sure quite what I was looking for - but for the first time, after years of juggling a hectic career and kids I had some space and wanted to invest some time in me.


After a lot of time online and discussions with friends I selected Patrice’s 90 day Transformation Programme – something about it seemed to resonate with me.


I was surprised by the pace, but every session provided something really relevant to me, and by the end I also had a new array of tools which I knew were the most effective for me.


The process was both interesting and fun, I looked forward to our sessions and talking with Patrice, who is extremely knowledgeable, and each week I found I would come with an “extra’s” list to discuss.


Patrice quickly got to know me and my “old habits”, pretty much by the end of our first session, and was experienced enough to understand when to challenge me and when to go 'off piste'.


There were some tears (mine), a couple of significant 'ahaaa' moments and the ball is now refreshingly and positively in my court.


I remain part of Patrice's diverse social community and enjoy dipping in and out of her online workshops even now!


Musician, Writer & Entrepreneur,

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I worked with Patrice for 18 months and with her help I have completely transformed my life. I was working part-time in my business and part-time in a job that was soul destroying. I had lost my energy and my motivation. What I really wanted was to be doing gigs, teaching music and devoting myself to other creative projects, but I just didn’t know how to get there.


I wasn’t in great shape health-wise either and my eating habits, movement and sleep were poor. With Patrice’s help I put in place good consistent habits, improved my diet and my sleeping patterns and I got my energy back.


Then we worked on clearing old emotions and letting go of old patterns of behavior that were keeping me stuck. We identified some belief systems that were keeping me in a loop and I was finally able to break through and create from a new place. 


I’m now working full-time on my music and in my own business, I’ve written 2 books, lost 10 kilos and my relationships are better than ever. I’m in a completely different place.

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Hospitality Business Owner, Ireland

Patrice is a gifted and natural coach who has an ability to reach into your soul and help you connect with your true nature. In the process she helps you to release your deepest fears about stepping up and doing what fulfills you and brings you joy.  


While working with her I left my long term stable job in social work and took the leap to go full-time into my new hospitality business. Patrice’s guidance was the ultimate support I needed to make this transition smoothly. 

She helped me get to the core of my anxiety and stress patterns and taught me practical tools to quickly get myself back to feeling calm and centred. 


Patrice makes sessions fun and she has injected energy and joy back into my life with her light-hearted coaching style.


Senior Buyer, Telco & IT,

Katarzina testemonial for Patrice McCauley.jpg

I was blessed to meet Patrice and get a chance to be part of her group coaching programme. Each week I learned so much about my emotions, my reactions, my old patterns and their source. I learned how important it is to open your heart and it changed my life.


The great advantage of the group was that we could learn from each other and share experiences. This gave me a wider perspective on the topics we covered and the other people in the group always seemed to voice something that was important for me to be aware of, often something I didn’t have words for. The program was quite intensive for me as I had a chance to process and learn so much. Luckily, our sessions are recorded and we can go back to the video any time. 

Patrice has an exceptional ability to "decode" the person. She asks great questions to guide you and to awaken you to inner blindspots. 


She has that lovely and extremely positive way of being that makes you want to open up! I definitely recommend working with Patrice, if you’re feeling called to do it then jump in with both feet.

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