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The Soulpreneur Kickstarter 90 Day Intensive

This 1:1 coaching program will guide you step-by-step from concept stage to launching your soul-led business. This will also work for you if you already have a business but you’re not confident you’ve hit the mark in with your ideal client, your core messaging or your offerings. 


This program is for you, if you:

  • Have lots of ideas but have difficulty grounding them and executing them step by step

  • You’re experiencing stop-start cycles in your business and can’t quite get the momentum you seek

  • Already know what your gifts are and why you’re here but you haven’t yet cracked translating them into a business that supports you financially

  • You are not 100% clear on your ideal client

  • Struggle with ideas on how to effectively market to your ideal client.

  • Exhausted your personal network and want to find ways to bring in new clients in repeatable ways that work

  • Get overwhelmed and confused by all the free offerings on the web telling you how you should market and run your business

  • Are trying to do business the way you see everyone else doing it and it feels out of alignment and is just not working for you.

  • Are confused about all the technology and systems required to run a successful online business.

  • Are looking for help but don't know where to start.

  • Feel like you are constantly doing a lot but have little to show for it.

Working with me in this program you will:

  • Become crystal clear on your vision, mission and core message

  • Get weekly support and accountability for getting things done

  • Break free from the confusion and doubt about what marketing works - learn what works in a test and measure approach and become ‘consciously competent’

  • Create a bespoke marketing plan for you and your business that actually works.

  • Get Done-For-You templates so that you are not reinventing the wheel.

  • Get over your imposter syndrome, step up and own your big vision

  • Dissolve fear, worry, self-doubt and procrastination

  • Upgrade your beliefs and learn how to prime your mindset and emotions for success

  • Learn how to create financial freedom doing what you love.

  • Build a business that has freedom, balance and aligns with your ideal life vision

About the Program

This 1:1 program is tailored to each individual I work with. We work on your inner game as well as helping you identify and take action on the most aligned marketing strategies for you. Each week you’ll take empowered and consistent action to create your business step-by-step.

Get a sneak peek at what we’ll cover in the program :

Pillar 1 - Energetic Overflow


Clear the internal clutter so you operate from a surplus of energy and personal power


Belief & Identity Re-programming

At each stage of creating your Soul business, you will become aware of beliefs and identities that may not be supportive of who you are becoming and what you are creating. We will work to remove this clutter and you will choose and wire in supportive beliefs and anchor into your most empowered identity as a Soulpreneur.


Plug energy leaks

Identify and re-wire repetitive mental, emotional and lifestyle patterns causing you stress and draining your energy. 

Maintain a high frequency

Receive effective tools and gain access to powerful activations that will help you to harness the creative power of your mind and channel high frequency emotions that will fuel your soul business creation with ease.

Create Powerful new habits 

Learn the art and science of habit change so that you can work with your brain and body to put in place new behaviours with ease. Establish new habits of thinking and acting that empower you, build your energy and help you create from a place of ease. 

Pillar 2 - Elevated Soul Business Creation

Use energetics and manifestation tools to Co-create your Soul Business

Your Vision for Success

Go through a powerful visioning process that taps into your soul's mission and purpose. Then use that personal vision to design a business that creates impact while allowing you to live your ideal lifestyle.


Birth your Soul Offering

Channel your unique gifts into a stellar offering that helps transform the lives of your ideal client. This includes a simple but effective research process to uncover the biggest challenge you solve for your clients, and designing a high level package that takes them through a powerful transformation.


Create from your soul

Fine-tune your intuition so that the clarity and next steps come from inside of you, led by inspiration and excitement not ‘should do’s’. Learn to clearly discern your inner guidance from the voices of your mind, your conditioning and the voices outside of you telling you how things 'should' be done. 

Release Resistance & Patterns of Sabotage

Resistance inevitably shows up as you move step by step towards turning your gifts into a fully functioning business that sustains you financially. Learn a simple and effective process to recognize, process and let it go efficiently and effectively. This is a skill for life, the more you practice the less likely it is to pull you from your path.

Pillar 3 - Elegant Execution

Build strong foundations that allow you to take aligned action with ease 

Profitable Marketing Message

Be guided through a step-by-step process to create your succint core marketing message that will attract your ideal clients.  Your core marketing message informs all of your marketing and content so this is a foundational step you must get clear on.


Write your Inspiring Story

Use my unique method to access your powerful story or transformation and deliver it in a way that will open hearts and minds and inspire your clients into working with you.   


Craft your Organic Marketing

Ditch the one-size fits all marketing approach and learn to master both inner (energetic attraction) and outer marketing strategies that attract your ideal clients in ways you enjoy. Learn proven organic strategies that don’t require investment or training in complicated technology. Use a test and measure approach to identify what works then systemize so it becomes an easily repeatable way to attract clients.

Empowered and Energetic Sales

Learn how to offer your signature product or service in a heart-based way. Gain confidence in making your offer to ideal clients through empowered conversations that over-deliver on value.

What do you get from this program?

  • 8 x 60 minute 1 on 1 coaching sessions​

  • 2  x 90 minute deep Transformational Coaching (TCM) sessions ​

  • 2 additional weeks with email accountability​

  • Unlimited whatsapp support throughout the 12 weeks​

  • Done for you templates and guides for you to work on between sessions​

  • 1 full physical and energetic diagnostic & healing frequencies session with the Healy​

  • Bonus Audios and Activations (lifetime access)​​

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