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Working with me

As a Spiritual Business Coach and Mentor who works with Soulpreneurs to help you to create or grow your soul-led business I thrive on helping you become successful in a way that's sustainable and allows you to create your dream life.

I work with clients 1:1 and in groups, to share the step-by-step system, tools and practices I have used to transform my life and my business from the inside out.

I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from my 16-year Corporate career working in start-ups, consulting to small business owners, and building successful businesses inside of large organizations.

And at the same time I’m not your typical Business Coach. 

I’ve been on a deep healing and transformative spiritual path for 15 years. During that time I’ve spent years studying many facets of human transformation, spirituality and creativity. I have traveled the world and worked with amazing mentors, master healers and Shamans.

I’m a Soulful Entrepreneur, a qualified Energy Healer, Transformational Health and Life coach as well as a Spiritual Business Coach & Mentor.

I work with the whole person because growing a business asks you to grow and evolve from the inside out. As above, so below. If your inner foundations are not solid you'll experience dramatic shifts and inconsistency in your results.


We may work on getting your energy levels optimised, to mastering your mindset and emotions as well as fine-tuning your intuition and creativity and helping you skill up with practical business strategies.


I will bring the most relevant tools from my multi-dimensional toolbox to support you on your path to creating a successful business, doing what you love and fulfilling your soul’s purpose. Whether it's deep Transformational Coaching Sessions, Healy Analysis on your energy, bringing ritual or ceremony or old fashioned accountability and tough love, I've got you covered. 

I am practical and grounded, my approach is lighthearted yet laser-focused.

In my tailored 1:1 Signature Coaching Programs you will be guided step by step from confusion and uncertainty to clarity and confidence and the results you have been dreaming of. 

Working with me you will feel supported on this magical and satisfying journey of Soul Business creation and personal expansion. Of course it will take plenty of action, perseverance and courage but with me as your guide you get to do that in a container where you feel supported and can have fun doing it. 

I’m here to hold the belief in you, your vision and your mission until you can. 


Visit About me page to hear more about my story or click on the testimonials page to see what I’ve helped others like you achieve.

In this guided 45 minute session you will breakthrough the biggest challenge in your business right now. This guided process will help you uncover what's holding you back and give you valuable insights and actionable next steps to help you move forward again with ease and flow.

3ways to work with me:

My transformational 1:1 and group programs are tailored to your individual needs through an in-depth Discovery process.  These programs are inspired by my own experience as well as years of working with clients like you. Each program is designed to take you step-by-step from not knowing where to start or what to do next in your business to having clarity, confidence and a powerful personally attuned blueprint for growing your Soul business. 

90 Day 1:1 Coaching Intensive 

- Go from Concept to Launch

This 1:1 coaching program will guide you step-by-step from concept to the launch of your soul-led business. 

This program is for those who want to start a soul business or if your business is very new.  It will also be a great help if you already have a business but you’re not 100% confident you’ve hit the mark with your ideal client, your core messaging or your offerings. Going through the program will help you build rock solid foundations and a clear blueprint for growing your business with confidence.

16 Week 1:1 Coaching Intensive

- Cross the threshold into consistent high earning months

If you have a business  but you're feeling frustrated or stuck and cashflow is inconsistent then this is for you. Tired of feast or famine revenue cycles you want to become consciously competent at atrracting and converting clients.

In this 1:1 coaching program will give you clarity on the most aligned blueprint for growing your business. You'll also discover how much your business is a reflection of your inner game and what unconscious limitations are driving the inconsistent results you're experiencing. Releasing the inner blocks along with taking consistent action on an aligned growth strategy will help you cross the threshold with ease.

12 Month Group Mastermind 

- A Business & Transformational Coaching Program and Community

This Mastermind is for new Soulpreneurs, Soulpreneurs wanting to start a business or those wanting to cross the threshold into consistent high earning months.

In this mastermind you will be be supported as you go deep and do the the transformational inner work to clear any obstacles in your way to growing your successful soul business. You will learn practical tools and powerful business strategies as well as  be inspired by fellow Soulpreneurs. When we share, learn and problem-solve  together the benefits increase exponentially. 

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