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Soul Business Accelerator

This 16-week 1:1 coaching program is designed to help you cross the threshold into consistent high earning months with ease and flow. 


This program is for you, if you:

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed and confused about the next right steps to take in your business

  • You are clear on your mission, you’ve had some wins but you’ve hit a curve-ball and you’re not sure how to pivot

  • You’ve had success in your business but you’re feeling frustrated because you’re not quite getting the consistent results you crave

  • You are doing more than you’ve ever done to market yourself but it feels inauthentic and too salesy

  • You’re tired of all the one-size-fits-all strategies that just don’t seem to work for you

  • You’re ready to do what it takes to close the gap and breakthrough into clarity and ease

  • You have a big vision but you’re starting to doubt whether you’re cut out for business

  • You don’t know any successful Soulpreneurs getting great results and doing it in a soul-aligned way

  • You are SO ready to experience ease and flow in your business, doing what you love while feeling financially abundant

  • You are ready to find the strategies that allow you to show up authentic and aligned so you can attract your soul tribe clients

Working with me in this program you will:

  • Tap into the vision beyond your vision 

  • Uncover your biggest hidden challenges in stepping up to your next level

  • Grow your income while gaining more freedom in your business

  • Get support in staying accountable to getting things done in your business.

  • Stop the overwhelm of following one-size fits all marketing and sales strategies and start creating a bespoke marketing plan for you and your business that actually works.

  • Feel fully aligned with your client attraction and conversion systems

  • Work through self-doubt and step up bravely into the next level of your BIG vision

  • Learn to create from an inspired place, bringing more joy, ease and flow into all you do

  • Transform failures into powerful lessons.

  • Set strong boundaries.

  • Learn to create freedom in your business at every level.

  • Create financial freedom doing what you love

About the Program

This 1:1 program is tailored to each individual I work with. We work on your inner game as well as helping you identify and implement the most aligned business and marketing strategies for you. 


Each week you’ll take empowered and consistent action to achieve your next business goal - whether that’s hitting consistent 5 figure months or learning to work more in alignment and flow, stressing less - together we’ll tailor the right path for you.

Get a sneak peek at what we’ll cover in the program :

Pillar 1 - Energetic Overflow


Clear the internal clutter so you operate from a surplus of energy and personal power

Belief & Identity Re-programming

At each stage of creating your Soul business, you will become aware of beliefs and identities that may not be supportive of who you are becoming and what you are creating. We will work to remove this clutter and you will choose and wire in supportive beliefs and anchor into your most empowered identity as a Soulpreneur.


Plug energy leaks

Identify and re-wire repetitive mental, emotional and lifestyle patterns causing you stress and draining your energy. 

Maintain a high frequency

Receive effective tools and gain access to powerful activations that will help you to harness the creative power of your mind and channel high frequency emotions that will fuel your soul business creation with ease.

Create Powerful new habits 

Learn the art and science of habit change so that you can work with your brain and body to put in place new behaviours with ease. Establish new habits of thinking and acting that empower you, build your energy and help you create from a place of ease. 

Pillar 2 - Elevated Creation

Use energetics and manifestation tools to Co-create the next level in your Soul Business

Re-envision & Re-align

As you and your business grows you often outgrow your original vision. In this pillar you will go through a powerful visioning process to identify the vision beyond your original vision. In so doing you give yourself permission to align with the next level goals and desires for your business. 


Create from your soul

Fine-tune your intuition so that the clarity and next steps come from inside of you, led by inspiration and excitement not ‘should do’s’. Learn to clearly discern your inner guidance from the voices of your mind, your conditioning and the voices outside of you telling you how things 'should' be done. It's time to reclaim your power and learn to lead with your heart and soul, even when that defies logic. 

Release Resistance & Patterns of Sabotage

Resistance inevitably shows up as you move to the next level. We’ll review the gap between where you are now and where you want to be and identify the fears and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from the growth and results you desire.

Pillar 3 - Elegant Execution

Review the basics to get back to clarity, purpose and into aligned action

Re-evaluate & Review

Together we’ll review your ideal client, your profitable marketing message, your offers and pricing. If your offers and pricing over time have begun to feel like shoes that are a few sizes too small. it's time to refresh.  Whether it’s creating new group offerings or growing your online presence through evergreen courses we’ll define the right next step for you.


Systems & Processes

Here we will review the current systems, technology and support in your business and re-design a new level of systems and technology that better supports your workflow. We’ll look at outsourcing tasks that are draining your energy and not high level work. 

Next level Marketing & Sales Strategy

Here we'll review what’s working and what’s not working to attract, nurture and convert clients so that you can create more flow and freedom in your business. Together we’ll work on your next level marketing and sales plan to help you create those consistent higher earning months. Whether it’s ads, online funnels or organic relationship marketing and sales, we’ll identify the most aligned strategy for you.


Revenue goals & Tracking

Flowing from your vision and your next level goals for your business you will set your 12 month revenue targets and implement effective tracking. Celebrating your wins at the end of each month when you hit your target will become your next favourite habit. 

What do you get from this program?

  • 12 x 60 minute 1 on 1 coaching sessions

  • 2  x 90 minute deep Transformational Coaching (TCM) sessions 

  • 2 additional weeks with email accountability

  • Unlimited whatsapp support throughout the 16 weeks

  • Done for you templates and guides for you to work on between sessions

  • 1 full physical and energetic diagnostic & healing frequencies session with the Healy

  • Bonus Audios and Activations (lifetime access)​​

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