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About Patrice’s work

Patrice is a certified Transformational Health & Life Coach, TCM Mastery Coach and Soul Business Coach. 

She works with Soulpreneurs who have a soul-led business they want to take to the next level. She helps them to create from the inside out so they can hit their next level with ease, grace and flow.

A master of the habit-change coaching method, Patrice helps these inspired soul-preneurs to align the action they take in their business with their soul mission, values and dream lifestyle. The result is a clear, aligned path to elevate their business results while fulfilling their dreams and creating massive impact.

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Patrice's Story

Before becoming a Soul Business Coach Patrice had a successful 16-year Marketing & Strategic Sales career. She worked for start-ups and large Corporates in 5 countries worldwide and had the chance to travel extensively for her work. 

After getting her dream job at Google Australia & New Zealand she experienced a low point she hadn’t expected. ‘Is this it? she thought. 'Is this what I’ve been working towards all these years?'. Instead of feeling on top of the world she was experiencing more stress and anxiety than ever before. She was burned out and for the first time ever in her career, she had lost her passion for her job. 

Around that time she caught up with a friend she hadn’t seen in a long while. He seemed taken aback when he saw her. He reminded her of how he’d always seen her as a vibrant butterfly who inspired him to feel the magic and wonder of life through her stories. But this time he felt like he was meeting a very different butterfly, one that had been trapped in a jar too long and whose life force and colour were fading. 


While the message was hard to hear that day, she was grateful and received it with an open heart. The truth of his description resonated right through her and she knew deep down that something had to change. 

Against all well-meaning advice from friends and family who implored her NOT to leave an amazing, stable job - she took a big leap and left Google. After 3 incredible and intense years giving her all to that job she headed into the unknown on a quest for self-knowledge and healing.


It was a life-changing and heart opening adventure that took her around the world. She worked with Shamans and Energy Healing Mentors in Tasmania, Hawaii, Mexico and Guatemala. As she studied and learned to practice several healing modalities, she began her own process of deep healing and inner transformation. She trained in energy healing and animal communication with a master trainer and pods of wild Spinner dolphins in Hawaii, sat in many ceremonies with the Cacao Shaman in Guatemala and sat with Grandmother Ayahuasca in Mexico, visited the Pyramids in Egypt and volunteered on a Cacao farm in Costa Rica. It was a colourful journey filled with beauty and challenging experiences in equal measure and her personal growth was exponential. 


Gradually she was able to let go of the path that was expected of her and open up to a life of so many more possibilities. She learned to open her heart and to follow her inner guidance to create a life she loved.

By choosing a new path more aligned with her soul and true nature, many long-held dreams that before seemed just out of reach, began to manifest for her. She met the love of her life in Hawaii, they later married in the French Alps and soon after their son Noah was born.

They dreamed of living in a tropical country, immersed in nature and to find conscious schooling for their son. Following their hearts and inner guidance they took leap after leap together as a couple and later as a family, seeking out their home. This journey took them to try out life in Ireland, France then Portugual, before finally settling in Costa Rica.


They now live their ideal life in the jungle, surrounded by like-minded community from around the world, who, just like them, are dedicated to finding more harmonious ways to live and actively contributing to building a new earth.


Patrice and her family are thriving in their jungle setting, where nature pulsates with life 24/7. They swim every day in the river behind their home and observe stunning Blue Morpho butterflies, hummingbirds, monkeys and huge iguanas from their jungle garden. It’s from here that Patrice works with Soulpreneurs from around the globe, helping them to build their soul-led businesses while they craft their own ideal lifestyles.

From Intra-preneur to Soulpreneur

Patrice grew up in an Entrepreneurial family and she lived and breathed entrepreneurship from a very young age. Her father a a Bio-chemist and Entrepreneur in the high tech medical and pharma space would share entrepreneurial lessons with Patrice and her brother in the form of stories around the evening dinner table. Throughout her business career she was an Intrapreneur, always building and creating inside of companies. Her ability to vision, develop the strategy, and build from the ground up was were her skills lay. Her hallmark however was her ability to build and grow amazing relationships with her partners, co-workers and clients. Whether she was launching a new product for a start-up or building a sales channel inside Google taking it from $500k revenue to $40M in 3 years – creating something from nothing is her jam.

Working with leading-edge technology companies over the years, she witnessed incredible innovation and the power of commerce to create amazing solutions that changed people’s lives. At the same time the hustle culture and the relentless focus on making profits at the expense of all else, never sat well with her. Towards the end of her career the lack of heart and soul present in how most big businesses operate caused her to exit that world feeling jaded and burned out.


After taking a break from the world of big business to heal and find her passion again, Patrice's path brought her back full circle to the world of commerce. This time coming with fresh perspective, a full heart and connected to her soul purpose. Becoming a Soulful Entrepreneur has been the most challenging, transformative and empowering growth experiences of her life. Through trial and error she is discovering a more conscious and spiritual approach to bringing products and services to the people who need them. Business itself is a powerful vehicle for transforming people's lives and helping to regenerate our planet, when it is conducted with good intent, integrity and in a system of fair exchange. Patrice is now a stand for bringing the 'soul' back into business.

She truly believes that an army of empowered, abundant, soul-led entrepreneurs, committed to uplifting people and the planet can accelerate the creation of a new earth.

Patrice works with clients 1:1 and in groups, to share the system, tools and methodologies she has used to transform her life and her business from the inside out.


'Life is a gift and I'm here to enjoy it to the fullest' - a note from Patrice....

Now that you've gotten to know more about my story and what brought me here I wanted to share a little about me personally.

I'm Irish but I've been living overseas for almost two decades. Like many Irish people I love to sing and dance any opportunity I get. I adore exploring our beautiful planet, I've travelled to 36 countries and have lived in 8.  I speak 5 languages and love to communicate with locals everywhere I go. After all my travels I'm happy to finally put down roots in Costa Rica, a place where I feel 100% at home.

I'm a Capricorn who never gives up when following my dreams. I used to be so focused on the goal and climbing to the next level but these days I love the journey just as much as hitting those amazing milestones.  My aim in life is to keep having fun creating a life I truly love that brings me more and more freedom at every level and to live life to the max. 


My rising sign is Scorpio so I'm no stranger to facing my shadow side to overcome obstacles in my life. That, paired with my finely-tuned insight makes me a super sleuth when it comes to tuning into my clients blocks and uncovering their blind-spots. 

Being an earth sign I love spending time in nature, it calms me and balances my fiery passion and determined side. Being in water is my ultimate joy, whether it's swimming in a river, ducking under a waterfall or swimming in the ocean - wild water always nourishes my whole being. 

People are my greatest treasure in life. I've been blessed with a wonderful supportive family and I've been blessed with the opportunity to meet so many inspiring and beautiful souls on my zig zag journey around the globe. Right now my community of like-minded soul family here in Costa Rica are my absolute soul tribe. We are putting it all out there, building a new earth community, supporting our children's jungle school and doing our best to live consciously and do better every day. 

If you're still reading, thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little. In turn I look forward to getting to know you better. It is my absolute pleasure and honour to witness you in your life, your business and your growth and to help guide you to your next level, whatever that may be. 


Join my Facebook tribe, <add link to FB group> if you'd like to stay connected. I regularly share insights, useful trainings and you could have the chance to be coached on your biggest obstacles. See you there!

If this resonates and you'd like to know more, visit the "Work with me" page, and see which program sounds like a good fit for you!

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